A great new way to bring centralized assurance to anyone living at home alone.

A centrally managed Check-and-Alert System that brings assurance and worry free living to your whole community. Centrally manage a few or many. An affordable group calling system providing daily peace of mind to all.

It's easy for the group leader... Create a custom list of people who will benefit from a daily check-in by phone, set the appropriate times for calling each member, and determine a list of people who will be notified if any member fails to be reached. It's that simple. PhoneCheck does the rest.

It's easy for members... Each member calls in daily to the provided toll-free number or simply waits for the automated system to call them. Two great options, both promote a worry free lifestyle.

Accessible, portable and powerful - Manage and monitor from any web browser, even your Smartphone - Keeping your finger on the pulse of your community.

Rest easy knowing that PhoneCheck's Intelligent Alert and Follow-up System will tirelessly work to find someone who can help, and to reassure those that are unable to respond that the need has been met. Keeping everyone in-the-know for cohesive, well-informed teamwork.

Get a good taste of PhoneCheck
for as little as $20!