What happens when Jim cannot check-in
or respond to a polling call?

The backbone of PCW is made up of the watch, the poll and the alert.

  • Watch: The length of time that the user is considered safe. If the user hasn't checked-in within this time period, PCW starts polling them.

  • Poll: How PCW tries to connect with the user in the field. It could be texting them to remind them to check-in, or calling them directly, or a combination of both on a fully customizable schedule to fit the user's expected activity.

  • Alert: If the polling schedule completes with no contact from the field user, PCW initiates the alert schedule, a fully customizable schedule of calling "Key Holders" (people who have been designated as 'human responders') until someone is found that can take responsibility for finding the field user and verifying that all is well.

  • With the watch, the polling and possible alert, everyone can breathe easy knowing that the field user is never really alone for very long.

  • With the alert triggered ONLY if the field user cannot be found, the set-it-and-forget-it system allows everyone to feel confident that there's nothing to do until they are notified.