Infusing a new level of team safety and accountability into the workplace!

PhoneCheck Work (PCW) - An employee safety monitoring and Personal Accountability System that helps everyone feel at ease by maintaining a connection between employees and employers while on the job - 24 hours a day.

Whether working alone or in a group, employees activate the system via text message from any cell phone - allowing PhoneCheck to regularly check on them and make sure everything is OK.

Fully customizable to meet unique operational needs, PCW diligently "Watches" employees and "Alerts" designated "Key Holders" if they fail to check-in or respond.

Comments by text message or audio recording can be monitored by management online in real-time using the simple dashboard. The staff creates and ends their own jobs for a personal accountability system that springs into action by notifying leaders and management only when necessary.

Customization allows for many keyholders to initially be contacted at once by text message for a high alert scenario before attempting to find key holders by voice call, or in an orderly sequence mixed with voice calling for a more low key search. In either scenario, the intelligence of the feedback handler informs everyone involved by SMS, by a followup text, to keep everyone's role clear and transparent.

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