Starting a "watch" with any cell phone

With no special equipment or smartphone required, a user in the field starts their own job with any available cell phone sending a simple text message. With their user code they can use the default settings or specify specialty settings to match any desired level of risk.

  • Texting 'Start Jim' to 555-555-5555 tells PCW that the user is expected to be heard from within the default watch schedule...

  • That's all it takes for PCW to be on the lookout for Jim as he goes about his business in the field.

  • Jim can either check-in by SMS or by calling the toll-free number to check-in by direct phone call.

  • Jim can include specific information about his activities by text message, or simply leave a voice recording while checking in by phone.

  • All text and voice messages are immediately available for review by management in the handy online Dashboard.